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Clyde Cemetery

212km from Invercargill and 10km from Alexandra on the Springvale Road.


The first striking feature of the cemetery is the stone fence, typical of the technique used in the buildings of the first pioneers. The second is the huge pine trees (Scots, Maritime and Umbrella or Stone Pines are here) and the huge cones shed annually. The cemeteries of Central Otago all contain from the earliest and simplest of graves to the much more elaborate ones of recent years

Administrated by: 

Central Otago District Council
P O Box 122
Telephone: 03 440 0056


We plan for nearly every financial eventuality we may face in life; we invest for our retirement and have health insurance and house and contents insurance. Yet when it comes to funerals, many of us don't like to think about them, let alone plan in advance.

Thinking about your own funeral is difficult for some people but, as the funeral... Read More

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Bereavement Support group meetings for 2016:

  • Saturday 27 February at 2pm
  • Saturday 14 May at 2pm
  • Saturday 13 August at 2pm
  • Saturday 12 November at 2pm

•Craig Stoneman •Darrin Christie •Wilson Fraser •Hamish MacPherson •Phil Llwellyn •Rachael Crothers •Kerry de Garnham •Amanda Stephens

Our team will guide your family through the many choices and options available, with knowledge and expertise concerning all aspects of funeral service.