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Cremation and Memorials

Granite or bronze plaques are both suitable materials for choice of cremation memorial. Granite has an advantage over bronze in that it can be designed to accommodate an additional inscription at a later date and a greater flexibility in design is possible.


Bronze plaques are often chosen because of their appearance or (in the case of Servicemen's plaques) a need to conform to the style of neighbouring ones. Bronze plaques cost more than granite but installation costs are the same for either material.


Southland Crematorium has a variety of sites and care must be taken to ensure that the correct size is ordered for the location of the memorial.

Registered Master Monumental Mason

Having complied with the rules of the New Zealand Master Monumental Association Incorporated relative to length of service, standard of workmanship, ability and integrity in the monumental industry has been enrolled and registered in terms with the rules of the Association and is hereby entitled to use the designation REGISTERED MASTER MONUMENTAL MASON.


NZMMMA recommends the use of granite in memorial work due to its extensive colour range and everlasting quality.


We plan for nearly every financial eventuality we may face in life; we invest for our retirement and have health insurance and house and contents insurance. Yet when it comes to funerals, many of us don't like to think about them, let alone plan in advance.

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