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Restoration - Headstones, Plaques, Gravesites

Restoration of an old grave or headstone is a task that should only be handled by a reputable Monumental Mason. Cracked concrete and its collapse is not only unsightly but an indication that the structure of the grave has become unstable and subsequently unsafe. Many older headstones are much higher than is commonly erected nowadays and because they are extremely heavy they should not be disturbed without the correct people and equipment being present.


They are usually made of marble or granite and once they begin to lean, it is only a matter of time before they eventually fall. We suggest that you contact us to discuss your options on restoration of these sites. The more recent headstones and gravesites don't present the same hazards and restoration is usually much simpler. Often just a cleaning and relettering will revitalise such a site.


The services that we offer include:

  • Cleaning of sculpture, gravestones, and monuments
  • Re-gilding or silvering of lettering
  • Reconcreting or replacement with stone pebbles
  • Resetting of leaning gravestones
  • Conservation, (repair) of broken and fallen gravestones and monuments
  • Re-pointing & reconstructing of concrete, brick and built masonry structures
  • Stone strengthening, (consolidation of decay to weak or fragile gravestone and masonry)
  • Preservation planning
  • Condition assessment (individual stone survey)
  • Risk assessment (locate hazardous gravestones & monuments)

Registered Master Monumental Mason

Having complied with the rules of the New Zealand Master Monumental Association Incorporated relative to length of service, standard of workmanship, ability and integrity in the monumental industry has been enrolled and registered in terms with the rules of the Association and is hereby entitled to use the designation REGISTERED MASTER MONUMENTAL MASON.


NZMMMA recommends the use of granite in memorial work due to its extensive colour range and everlasting quality.


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