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The purchase of a suitable memorial is a special task you may do only once in your lifetime.

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The placement of a permanent memorial to mark the grave of a loved one is a time honoured tradition practiced by bereaved and caring people throughout the centuries. The purchase of a suitable memorial is a task you may do only once in your lifetime. It is therefore a very special task as it will often become a shared memorial.

At J Fraser and Sons’ Headstone Memorial Division, we are able to source the best quality granite memorials which are usually imported from suitable quarries around the world. Our headstone letterers are working onsite, and through the use of modern technology, including 3D Graphic replications, are able to provide you with a draft template of the proposed layout. Once approved, the lettering is etched into the granite by our sandblasting machinery and then finished with silver or white enamel or guilded leaf.


The sandblasted lettering will last permanently, but the lettering finish normally has a life of around 10 – 20 years, after which it can be easily refurbished.

Our headstone masons are also happy to undertake repairs of graves which may involve re-concrete over the surface, and clean-up of graves which may have developed moss and lichen.

Additional inscriptions on existing headstones can be made in the same style of lettering as the original and this is often an opportunity to revitalise the headstone and the grave site. Prices vary depending on the amount of work requested.

Granite Options

Browse some of the granite colours that our memorials can be made from.

Bahama Blue Granite
Black Granite
Dark Grey Granite
Imperial Red Granite
Light Grey Granite
Balmoral Red Granite
Blue Pearl Granite
Imperial White Granite
Kerala Green Granite
Paradiso Granite

Design Options

Browse some of the memorial designs that are available from J Fraser and Sons.

Headstones and Memorials Enquiries

If you would like to enquire about any of our headstone and memorial options or would like to speak to someone about your specific needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can use the form below, or alternatively call us on 03 218 4095.