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At J Fraser & Sons, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of expected costs, based on the choices and preferences you have expressed

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The cost of a funeral service is often a difficult matter for families to discuss at the time of funeral arrangements. At Fraser’s, your arranging funeral director will assume that the matter of funeral expenses is important to you and will provide you with a detailed estimate of expected costs, based on the choices and preferences you have expressed.

A funeral account is composed firstly of costs as charged by the funeral home. These will include the Professional Service Fee; a fee for transport of the body by hearse; a fee for preparation of the body; a fee for the casket as selected by the family; a fee (as applicable) for the use of the funeral home facilities such as the Chapel and Reception Lounge.

Secondly, the funeral account includes those costs which are incurred by the funeral home on behalf of the family. These will include the Burial or Cremation fee and any fee for completion of Medical Certificates of Cause of Death; the officiating Celebrant’s fee, a fee (as applicable) for the use of the service venue; a donation to an organist or other type of musical accompanist such as a piper or singer; an original certified copy of the New Zealand Death Certificate; publication of the death online and/or in the Southland Times or any other newspaper.; floral tribute to be placed on the casket and a farewell floral tribute for the graveside or Crematorium; design and printing of order of service sheets and a register of attendance; catering expenses for an after-service reception; cleaning of an existing memorial; and any other matter which the family would like the funeral home to take care of on its behalf.

To help you understand the likely costs associated with differing types of funeral services, we have prepared six differing scenarios from the range of options that our funeral home can offer, always remembering that an actual account will vary according to the choices of the family. You can also view our current price list.

Scenario One

The family wish to have a service in Frasers' Chapel, followed by a reception in the Lounge. The service is to be conducted by a local funeral celebrant and following the reception there will be a private farewell committal for family and close friends, at the Southland Crematorium.

The family have chosen a Rimu Foil Casket with matching cremation ash urn and have requested a casket floral tribute to be prepared and to include a variety of colours and types of flowers.

The service will be recorded and livestreamed to a grandson living in Scotland. The funeral home will arrange for the design and print of the order of service sheets and will provide a register of attendance for guests to sign.

Catering will be arranged for the approximately 100 guests that are expected.A death notice will be published twice in the Southland Times, and accessible online. A few days after the service, the family will uplift the cremation ashes from the funeral home.

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Scenario Two

The family wish to have a service in their local Church, led by their Minister. Following the service, the funeral will proceed directly to the burial service at the Eastern Cemetery, where the family have indicated their preference to hand-fill the grave after the final words of committal. A white cross, with name, will be placed at the head of the grave.

All guests are then invited to share refreshments and further memories of the deceased, at the Hotel establishment which is located across from the Cemetery. The catering and refreshment requirements have been ordered by the family directly with the Hotel.They choose a stained Pine wooden casket with a large colourful casket spray and have requested some loose flowers to be supplied that will be passed around and placed into the grave by those attending.

The funeral home will arrange for the design and print of the order of service sheets, which will include photos and the words of two of the deceased’s favourite hymns and a register of attendance will be provided or guests to sign.A granddaughter has expressed a wish to prepare and format a photographic slideshow and download onto USB stick, which will be given to the Church’s sound technician for display on the Church screens prior to the service. A death notice will be published twice in the Southland Times and will be accessible online.

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Scenario Three

The family want to respect their mum’s wishes for a private service, with only the family and two or three close friends in attendance. The service will be led by a celebrant but will be held in our side-room Chapel which is suitable for a gathering of up to 24 people.

The format of the service will be quite simple and will include short tributes from some immediate members of the family. The family have decided that there is no need for a formal order of service sheet or register of people attending, but that some of her favourite music will be played as the family gather in the room.The family have chosen a plain, non wood-foil casket onto which the children and grand children have drawn and written beautiful messages of love and cherished memories.

A simple spray consisting of six red roses and a little greenery will be placed on her casket, alongside a beautiful framed photo taken of her at her recent 80th birthday party. At the conclusion of the service the family will bear her casket into the hearse, but there will not be any procession following the hearse to the Crematorium.Instead the family will gather back at their late parent’s home, where refreshments have been delivered by the funeral home’s regular caterer.

Late the following day, the funeral director will uplift the cremation ashes from the Crematorium, and the next morning the family will gather at the grave of their late father. Again the Celebrant will lead a short informal service of farewell as their mum’s ashes are laid to rest beside her late husband, after which each member of the family will use the spade provided to place a portion of the earth back into the grave.A published notice will appear the following day in the Southland Times

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Scenario Four

In accordance with their Dad’s wishes, the family have arranged with the funeral home for his body to be washed and features set, and dressed to allow for a private family viewing, after which his casket will be closed and transferred directly to the Crematorium once all formal permissions have been completed.

Out of respect for their Dad’s wood working hobby which gave him many hours of enjoyment during his retirement years, the family chose a natural Pine Wood casket which required a hands-on procedure for fixing the lid onto the casket –screws and wooden buttons–and the family’s participation in closing the casket gave them a sense of involvement and of doing things in the manner of which their Dad would have greatly approved.

Later that week, a public memorial service, advertised in the newspaper and online, would be held in our Chapel, and the matching Pine Wood cremation urn would be carried into the Chapel by the family and placed onto a small table where 12 small lighted candles would surround the urn throughout the service. Order of service sheets would be designed and printed by the funeral home and an attendance register was available for guests to sign. A photographic slideshow was prepared by the funeral home and a recording made of the service, with a link sent to the family who may wish to view the service again later.

After-service refreshments would be provided by the funeral home for the 100 guests expected and would be held in the Reception Lounge.

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Scenario Five

A well-known farming identity has passed away and the family wish his funeral service to be held on his farm, and conducted by a local minister. Following the usual embalming preparation procedures, his body is to be returned home where he will lay at rest on the farm for two days prior to the day of the service.

The family have chosen the Country Pine casket, which has been made of recycled rimu timbers, and the funeral home will order a casket spray made from native flowers, ferns and tussock. A large marquee has been organised and installed by the family on the large lawn area in front of the old homestead, together with seating for approximately 200 guests. Audio/Visual equipment including screens for photographic tributes will be organised by the funeral home, and the service will be recorded by our experienced videographer who is able to record services in a discreet and sympathetic manner.

An order of service sheet and attendance register is to be prepared by the funeral home, and to include the words of the song “Oh the Place Where I worship Is The Wide Open Spaces”. The local organist will accompany on a portable electronic organ that has been provided by the funeral home, and linked to the sound system.

At the conclusion of the service, his casket will be carried by pallbearers from the marquee and placed onto the deck of his favourite old truck, which will carry him from the farm to the nearby local Cemetery where he will be laid to rest near the graves of other departed relatives. Attending guests are then invited back to the farm where the marquee has been cleared and tables set up with catering provided by the funeral home’s experienced caterers who are able to bring everything onsite.

The service will be notified in the Southland Times and Otago Daily Times over two days, and the notice will be available to read online.

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Scenario Six

The family have indicated their wish for a very simple format for their grandmother’s funeral. Their main wish is to have Grandma laying at rest at home for two days–they had hoped for her to die at home rather than at the local Hospital and then to take her to the Crematorium where a Celebrant will lead a short service of farewell.

Her body is to be prepared by embalming procedures at the funeral home, and dressed with clothing provided by the family, then placed into a casket where the lid has been personalised with images of her favourite pink roses.

On the day of her farewell committal, the hearse will carry her from her home to the Crematorium where the family will surround her and accompany her to the front of the Chapel. There will be no need for a printed order of service, but each family member will place a small pink rose on her casket at the end of the service.Later the following day, the funeral home will uplift her cremation ashes from the Crematorium, and place them in a beautiful personalised scatter tube, which the family will use to scatter her ashes.

The public notification of her death will only appear after her farewell and will be available to read online.

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Scenario Price Comparison

Services Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5

Scenario 6

Service venue Chapel Church Chapel side-room Chapel
Memorial service
Residence Crematorium
Farewell committal
Professional fee $3960 $3960 $3400 $3960 $3960 $2400
Transfer to funeral home $250 $250 $250 $250 $250 $250
Mortuary services $975 $975 $975 $650 $975 $975
(chosen by family)
Rimu foil raised lid
Stained pine wood
Plain casket
Natural pine wood
Country recycled pine
Personalised rose lid
Transfer to residence or other place - - - - $250 $250
Chapel & lounge hire $975 - - - $250 $250
Transfer to crematorium or cemetery $345 $345 $345 $345 $345 $450
Hearse to residence & cemetary
Mileage for travel out of town - - - - $200
Cremation fee $1060 - $785 $785 - $1060
Burial fee - $2325
Invercargill cemetery
- - $2325
District cemetery
Medical certification $120 - $120 $120 - $120
Celebrant or Minister donation $475 $0-$475 $475 $475 $475 $475
Church facility fee - $0-$250 - - - -
Organist donation - $0-$150 - - $150 -
Casket spray $250 $250 $120 $100
Small arrangement and candles
$250 $12
Single pink rose
Committal flowers $40 $40 $40 - - $30
12 small pink roses
Reception catering $1100
100 guests
Family arrange $264
24 guests
$1100 $1500
100 guests + onsite staff attendance
Design and print of 100 service sheets $317 $317 - $317 $317 -
Register of attendance $38 $38 - $38 $38 -
Recording of service $40
Livestream - USB
- - $40
Livestream - USB
Onsite videographer, including mileage
Photo slideshow $220 $220 - $220 $220 -
AudioVisual equipment (Sono Sound) - - - - $1500 - $2500 -
Newspaper notice
Estimated costs
2 insertions
2 insertions
1 insertion
2 insertions
S. Times & ODT
1 insertion
Cremation ash urn $195
Rimu foil urn
- $250
Personalised rose urn
Country pine urn
- $95
Personalised scatter tube
Interment of ashes - - $357 - - -
NZ Death Certificate $33 $33 $33 $33 $33 $33
Total $12013 $11920 $8818 $11970 $16787 $7732

All prices include GST.

Please view our current price list for more detailed information.

An account administration fee of $450 is added to all accounts, but deducted when full payment is received within the prompt payment period.