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Preplanning is a simple and organised way to record your funeral wishes for your loved ones

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Although we don’t like to think about it, the day eventually comes when we all need funeral services. At J Fraser and Sons we believe that you should have the funeral that honours your life and gives your family and friends the opportunity to say their farewells. This is an important part of the grieving process.

We recommend pre-planning your funeral as a good way to ensure that your wishes are known. Our experience shows us that by pre-planning and for many, pre-paying their funeral, brings great comfort to families, reassured with the knowledge that they are fulfilling their loved one’s wishes.

At J Fraser and Sons, we feel it is important that your personal wishes are carried out, so we record this information to ensure that your preferences are clear. Naturally, all your information will be kept securely and confidentially.

You start your funeral plan using our online form.

What To Think About

  • What style of funeral you prefer?
  • Do you wish to be buried or cremated?
  • What type of casket or urn would you prefer?
  • Do you have a preference for flowers?
  • What is your choice of music and readings
  • Where would we have your funeral?
  • Type of funeral catering?
  • Which areas do we need to place notices in the newspaper and online?
  • Does my Executor know where to access my Will, computer and phone passwords and any other important documents?

For professional advice, you can phone our office anytime on 03 218 4095 to make an appointment time that suits you.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how you record your wishes, you need to inform your family and/or executor where this information is stored

How Can We Help?

You may like to record your wishes privately by either completing the forms in this booklet or, you are welcome to contact us on 03 218 4095 to make a time for one of our funeral directors to talk to you about your needs, and the wishes of your family.

We are here to help you with making decisions that are right for you – this consultation is absolutely free.

A pre-planning consultation with one of our experienced directors will lead you through the general funeral process. You can then consider the range of funeral options available to you, discuss them with your family if you wish, and make decisions that are appropriate and personal to you. Your personal preferences for all aspects of your funeral will be recorded and, if required, we can prepare an estimate for you. A copy of these instructions can then be left with us if you wish. You will then be assured that when the time comes, all your personal details and preferences are known.

Prepaid Funerals

For many people the option of pre-paying their funeral is appropriate. Pre-paying all, or part of the funeral services helps relieve some of the financial responsibility from your family and loved ones.

Prepaid funerals up to $10,000 are excluded from asset testing for consideration for a residential care subsidy under current legislation.

We recommend the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand Funeral Trust for holding pre-paid funeral funds. All funds are held securely and independently of J Fraser and Sons. Information on how the trust operates is available from any of our funeral directors or at www.fdanzfuneraltrust.co.nz

If you would like more information on prepaid funerals why not have a free, no obligation talk with one our funeral directors. Call us on 03 218 4095 to make an appointment.