The ceremonial funeral vehicles at J Fraser and Sons include models by Jaguar, Holden and Ford

Our principal ceremonial hearses are customised Jaguar XF Hearses, manufactured in 2019, and imported from UK. These hearses have been especially designed and built for best appearance and use in New Zealand. They are based at our Invercargill premises.

Other ceremonial hearses in our fleet include the Holden Bunce hearse (2009), which was manufactured here in New Zealand and which we base at our Winton premises. Also, the Ford LTD hearse (1992), and the classic Ford Mercury Montego (1974), which are based in Invercargill.

Our first call vehicles include the Kia Carnival (2016), based in Invercargill, and Toyota Previa (2012), based in Winton.

All hearses are available for our client families through our Invercargill or Winton premises.