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The front sanctuary area of the Chapel at J Fraser and Sons has been designed to impart a special sense of significance and peace

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The decision regarding the venue for the funeral service is an important one. For those families who choose our modern air-conditioned Chapel, we offer a comprehensive orientation tour of our Chapel facilities as part of the funeral arrangement process. The front sanctuary area of the Chapel has been designed to impart a special sense of significance and peace. Our facility is totally wheel-chair friendly, and our flexible Chapel seating layout can quickly accommodate individual family needs. We also offer our intimate viewing room and adjoining lounge as a side-Chapel for smaller, private services, to cater for up to 24 people in attendance.

On the day of the service, our staff will be ready and waiting to attend to every need of the family, who are welcome to use the family lounge adjacent to the Chapel, prior to the service. The arriving guests will be welcomed and invited to sign the register of attendance, and then shown to an area of available seating. Your officiating celebrant will be familiar with the Chapel speaker system, the staff audio/video technician for the day will have received all relevant instructions as to when any audio and photographic presentations are to commence, and a funeral service leaflet will be placed onto the reserved family seats. A musical accompanist, if required, will be ready to play the requested music on the Rogers electronic organ or Allison piano, whether it be traditional hymns, or well-known songs of yesteryear. The officiating funeral director will assist the entrance of the family to the Chapel, and will co-ordinate with casket pallbearers who may need guidance in regards to their duties.

Our celebrants and funeral directors are happy to offer their ideas and resources regarding the format of the service, but family members are always best qualified to make final choices. For the comfort of all concerned, we generally recommend that the service be no longer than one hour duration. Further memories may then be shared over light refreshments in our adjoining catering lounge. Our team of catering ladies will be available to assist with tea, coffee, juice and water, and a delicious assortment of sandwiches, savouries and a few sweet cakes can be provided in an atmosphere of warm support. Children’s needs are well catered for – their area is filled with ample books and toys to occupy their time.

Live Streaming Service

J Fraser and Sons’ Chapel is fully equipped to provide Live Stream of funeral services to anywhere in the world. This service is provided through the technology firm, One Room, and is viewable on any Android or iOS device.

Most commonly, a Link to the Service is emailed by the funeral director to the family, and the family is then able to forward the link on to any other friend or relative anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming of funeral services at other venues may also be possible. Your funeral director will be able to advise you whether a venue is suitable for Live Streaming, or whether the transmission of a recorded video of the service would be more advisable.

Many families appreciate the ability to view the Live-streamed service again later, in the privacy of their own home. Your funeral director will also offer you a copy of the Live-streamed service which has been download to USB format.