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We recommend pre-planning your funeral as a good way to ensure that your wishes are known. Our experience shows us that by pre-planning and for many, pre-paying their funeral, brings great comfort to families, reassured with the knowledge that they are fulfilling their loved one’s wishes.

At J Fraser and Sons, we feel it is important that your personal wishes are carried out, so we record this information to ensure that your preferences are clear. Naturally, all your information will be kept securely and confidentially.

You may wish to discuss these choices in advance with one of our funeral directors. Many people find this helpful. All information is kept in the company records for referral and may be altered at any time. There is no obligation or cost for these discussions. All information is confidential unless requested otherwise.

Once arrangements are complete we can provide an estimate of the costs and also assist in the payment of the funeral.

Please only complete the form below if you wish to create a funeral plan for yourself. If you wish to create a funeral plan for a family member, please contact us.

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